Technology forecasting

It is unlikely that any single method on its own will meet the needs of a foresight programme. In its simplest form, Technology forecasting method asks a single expert to generate a forecast based on Technology forecasting or her own intuition. Applying the usual laws of economics is often sufficient for forecasting the future behavior of markets.

Relevance trees, which investigate the dependence of technologies at one level to technologies at adjacent levels. Indeed, Kahn would often begin with a surprise-free scenario and take it from there, recognizing along the way that a surprise-free future was in fact quite unlikely.

The value of a network explodes as its membership increases, and the value explosion attracts more members, compounding the results Kelly, All intuitive thinking methods are relevant to foresight activities, but only a few of the exploratory and normative methods used in forecasting are applicable to foresight.

Both of these classes of methods provide some elements of semi-quantitative or judgmental analysis. To forecast the future of the semiconductor while the technology was in its infancy required an understanding of solid state physics, silicon manufacturing, and the need for small guidance systems on U.

Systematic and longer time-span data will give an improved basis for conducting forecasts, and much can be learnt by comparing previous forecasts with what has actually happened in the intervening period. Such diagrams are generalizations of Bayesian networks and therefore useful for solving decision-making problems and probabilistic inference problems.

The method seeks to nullify the disadvantage of face-to-face meetings at which there could be deference to authority or reputation, a reluctance to admit error, a desire to conform, or differences in persuasive ability. In essence, scenarios are stories about alternative futures focused on the forecasting problem at hand.

As a formal methodology, scenarios were first used at the RAND Corporation in the early days of the cold war. If these drivers change substantially it may be more difficult to generate meaningful forecasts from historical data by extrapolation see Figure Based on prior research, it is suggested that at least five experts participate Armstrong, For a variety of reasons there may be a lack of conviction in the early stages of establishing the process.

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Progress is made in ARGs when both first-order changes and second-order 13 effects are observed and recorded during game play. For best user experience, please try to access the site using Google Chrome.

Technology forecasting

The technique lends itself to forecasting in that it provides a structured process for projecting the future attributes of a present-day technology by assuming that the technology will change in accordance with the Laws of Technological Evolution, which may be summarized as follows: Lastly, groupthink 4 can occur when forecasts are generated by groups that interact openly.

Matching the range of potential alternative futures with the range of stakeholder concerns is difficult but extremely important for making sure the backcast scenarios are relevant. Identification of consistent deviations[ edit ] Another frequently used combination of forecasts is that of the trend curve and one or more analogies.The latest Open Access articles published in Technological Forecasting and Social Change.

International university-university technology transfer: Strategic management framework Kevin De Moortel | Thomas Crispeels. OverviewTechnology forecasting includes a suite of offerings.

Technology Evaluations and Coordination involves working collaboratively with Penn IT partners to identify, evaluate, and coordinate new IT services (or new ways of delivering existing services).

Michael O'Hanlon forecasts likely changes in defense technology over the period between Read chapter 2 Existing Technology Forecasting Methodologies: Technological innovations are key causal agents of surprise and disruption.

In the recent pa. including technology intelligence, forecasting, roadmapping, assessment, and foresight. There has been little systematic attention to the conceptual development of the field as a whole.

Technological forecasting

Technology forecasting attempts to predict the future characteristics of useful technological machines, procedures or techniques Important aspects.

I think we have a cultural affinity for technology that reflects optimism, but we all make poor forecasts." — Jim Moore.

Technology forecasting
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